Saturday, November 11, 2006

First Booksigning

Renee Bernard

And speaking of torture... Okay, it wasn't that bad. Not bad at all. A lovely Friday evening in my favorite local bookstore, Hidden Passages, chips, cheese rolls, a vegetable plate, wine and even a cake (the store owner made it with flames coming off of my book was just too funny!) Oh, yes. And me. Digging in my heels and refusing to read a single paragraph out loud, but having a great time.

After all it was a nice small crowd of extremely familiar faces. Friends and family and ex-coworkers and shop owners from the store next door, and I kept thinking..."Does it count if people show up only because they know you personally?" "Or does it count more?"

It felt very surreal and very comfortable. I'm not sure anything compares to the 'home town' crowd...and it was really more about seeing everyone and celebrating the moment. They bought every book we had in the first ten minutes and then just hung out to talk and enjoy the nosh.

Bottom Line: There's nothing like your first time.
Lessons Learned: Wine is Wonderful to have on hand at booksignings, but the dark chocolate is always the biggest hit.
Best Moment: When a sweet five year old asked if I would sign her Dr. Seuss book... after a panicked thought of ' this illegal to sign a dead guy's book?', it was really just wonderful to see her face light up to get a signature just like her mommy had. (though I'm sure the reading experience will differ greatly).


Blogger FerfeLaBat said...

Dark Chocolate covered dried cranberries and Port.


Love that.

Congratulations! You survived it. I love that bookstore. I especially love the fact that it's haunted.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Renee Bernard said...

Actually, right in the middle of saying that I'd written some of the book in that store, BOTH of my poster stands fell over (on two separate tables across the room from each other). I believe it was a certain deceased gentleman's way of indicating that he should have gotten more credit....

or at least an acknowledgment.

Sorry I didn't call. It was chaos. Next time you're here, we'll keep you stewed in port and chocolate the Entire Time.

1:02 PM  

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