Renee Bernard

Friday, December 15, 2006

Alive and Well!

Renee Bernard
We're back! The journey was beyond hilarious and I discovered that a sense of humor is a must have when flying with an infant. Luckily, we seemed to be surrounded by grandmothers either on their way to visit grandbabies or going through grandbaby withdrawal, so all was well.

One poor businessman fled his seat without even saying hello at the sight of us, but I don't blame him. After all, it could have gone badly. It didn't! But it could have... So if the man preferred to play it safe, who can pick on him?

Bottom Line: We survived and my daughter had a wonderful time with her grandparents, saw snow for the first time, ate cereal and in general, made sure her Nana and Oji are securely fastened around her little fingers.

Next question: Is it even physically possible to prevent my parents from spoiling her rotten??? I'm guessing--no.