Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No, Seriously...

Renee Bernard
Okay, I'll try to be better. It's just that everytime it occurs to me to blog, my next thought is "Who in the world cares what I think about...or what happened today...Isn't this me talking to myself in public? (which by the way is a terrible habit of mine--grocery store, the car, you name it, there I am having a verbal dialogue with yours truly. It's frightening.)

But Cindy has commanded me to blog or she'll come slap me. A tempting risk since it's always great to see her and there would be a sliver of evil pleasure in making her fly cross country just to smack me. But she wouldn't hold back and I fear pain, so see how weak I am? I am indeed blogging.

This weekend I'm off to Glendale Arizona for the Chocolate Affaire. A weekend away from the baby, hiding out with adults, and hopefully giving the vague illusion of calm confidence at the event with other romance authors. Unlike the hometown booksignings, this one is pure terror, as No One knows me and I have the sinking feeling that left alone at a table with a pile of my books and with no one to talk to, I'll revert to type and start mumbling to myself about "What would Deepak do?" or even better, make finger puppets and work out a few plot points for the next book... oh, god.

Worst case...I get to buy my own books and slink back home.
Best case...hmmm.....there is bad can it be? Even if I end up buying all my own books, there is chocolate. It's hard to slink when you're on a chocolate buzz.

Better news. Total strangers are sending notes to say they liked the book. This is humbling and thrilling and very strange, but I answer each one and save them in a little binder so that one day, when no one sends notes, I can be maudlin and read the old ones.

Even better. The anthology made the USA Today Bestseller list so now by a lightning freak twist I get to say I'm a USA Today Bestselling author. Or at least, I could if I could keep a straight face. Too bizzarre.

And just when it was really good... RT nominated me for an award (best first historical romance of 2006). I think I was more excited about that than anything else. Only because I am guilty of snoozing through those award lunches (or worse, sneaking out after the dessert is served because there are certain speeches I simply can't survive from certain people. Ferfe knows.) Chances of winning are beyond "not going to happen". But you know when people say, "It's just a thrill being nominated."? Who knew they weren't just saying it???

Okay, I blogged. No flight reservations need be made by the Cruciger. I am safe until tomorrow.

Okay, where's the chocolate?


Blogger May said...

The chocolate's in my tummy.


6:36 AM  
Blogger krazymama said...

I am so glad you were at the Chocolate Affaire!! It was wonderful to meet you!! If I had known, I would have stayed to talk longer. I was afraid you would think I was crazy and a nuisance! But I had no idea you would go to talking to yourself! haha You were funny, nice and a pleasure! Thanks for coming!! Hope you got some of the good chocolate there!!

8:33 PM  
Blogger FerfeLaBat said...

I tagged you.

8:30 PM  

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