Monday, February 19, 2007

What Happened?!

Renee Bernard
Okay, my lengthy (and dare I say it, damn funny!) blog about the Chocolate Affaire ended up in a cyber black hole apparently... but when I said as much to Cindy she said, "That's like saying the dog ate your homework." Sigh.

I hate it when the dog eats your homework.

So, let's see if I can recap. Glendale was wonderful, but the ladies of the Desert Rose/Valley of the Sun were incredible! Everyone was so nice and the event was just a blast. Except I now have to diet like a mad woman after all the chocolate I consumed. Apparently they don't just name the Chocolate Affaire on a whim, people. Bottom line, I'll never forget the hospitality and warm welcome I recieved and (fingers crossed) they'll let me sneak in again next year.

So, back home again. My daughter has her first two teeth, and honestly, I never knew that someone who was pre-verbal, drools and possesses zero control over their bodily functions could be so overwhelmingly fantastic. I fall in love every single day. She's addictive.

My husband had to back out of going to Houston RT with me, so I'm trying to talk Ferfe into rooming with me. (It's a dangerous proposition, but enough years have passed since she last agreed to it, that I'm sure she's forgotten everything by now.) If not the Ferfester, then I'll go it alone (at least this guarantees me control of the remote...)

Also on the home front, it seems to be the season for life and path altering events. A friend died suddenly last week and before I could regroup another called to say her husband has gone kookoo for coacoa puffs and announced he wants "space" and what should she do...and all I could do was selfishly throw up a prayer of gratitude to the gods for balance and happiness. I'm dispensing the best wisdom I have, and all the while knowing it's just sand in a well.

Loss is the worst and cruelest of all teachers, but those are the lessons you never forget.

I just look at Geoff and our girl and try to breathe normally.

I guess that's all anyone can really do.


Blogger krazymama said...

Exactly what I find myself doing every day. Trying to breath normally. haha My sons are 25 and 16....years, not months. And it doesnt get any easier. Or any less scary. I am thankful for both of them, every day. And for my most wonderful-top of the line-should be a pattern for husbands, husband. I am so glad you enjoyed the chocolate affaire! Honestly, I was rather disappointed in the chocolate part of it all. There wasnt nearly enough. And it all seemed to be chocolate covered stuff. Which is fine sometimes. But the ''chocolate'' they were all using to dip wasnt very good quality. And had the look of chocolate more than the taste of it. It was my first time going. And I was hopeful that in the winter, we could actually have a chance at some great chocolate!! You can only have an event like that outdoors in Phoenix in the dead of winter! haha But thank goodness you authors were there. You all were the big highlight for me. You had no competition from the chocolate at all!! haha So now, I will look forward to it next year! See you there Renee!!

1:31 PM  
Blogger Menchie said...

Hi Renee! I just read your first book and I loved it! I can't wait for the next installment!

12:03 AM  
Blogger LooseCanon said...

Sheesh, I drift off for a few months, and when I come back to stalk you I find that you are successfully published, mothering proudly, blogging casually and giving the boys some public time in airports. After reading of your travel travails, I amused myself with the thought that in your Simon and Schuster publicity photo, the shawl is really hiding a feeding session.

Apropos chocolate, have you darkened the door at the Belmont Chocolate Festival? Samples of chocolate from some of the big names and many of the smaller ones, all tres gourmet. There is no such thing as too much chocolate, but there might be a level that becomes excessive when packed into two hours.

Anyway, my best wishes to the boys and their Redheaded symbiote, I'm delighted to hear your world is going swimmingly.


2:52 AM  
Blogger Lesli said...

Renee, is it really you? I have been thinking of you often and wondering where you are, and I finally get around to googling you, and here you are! I haven't read any of your recent novels, but I'll have to now! Let's get back in touch!

9:57 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!! It's been two years since you last blogged????? *cracks whip* Get to it, woman! ;)

That's my two pence...
Arial ;)

1:32 PM  
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